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Author, Freelance Writer and Writing Consultant
K.O. Morgan

Gulls On the James River by K.O. Morgan

Revolutionary Rider by K.O. Morgan

I am writing a book about essential oils and need to hear the opinions, research and experiences of experts in the field — not people who are selling or have sold essential oils, but chemists, scientists, medical experts, veterinarians, and homeopathic and naturopathic doctors/professionals. Please note that my book is covering the pros and cons of essential oils, as well as the history of its use. Those who contribute to a case study questionnaire will be included in my book. Please contact me at or click the Contact button above.


Have a story to tell but don’t know how to tell it? Let me ghostwrite your book or autobiography, or write your company’s book-for-hire. I’ve written four popular self-help books currently sold on Amazon and other sites. Contact me for details and pricing.

Freelance Writer

Magazine articles on the food and agricultural industries are my specialty, but I am also skilled in writing blogs, e-books, entrepreneurial profiles and company bios. I love to interview experts in their fields and research topics I am unfamiliar with.

Other Stuff I Do

I am a skilled editor and writing consultant. Need a screenwriter? I can do that too. I am also a dream interpreter and wrote a book on how to do it. Send in your dream via the contact form below, and I will post its interpretation.

Books by K.O. Morgan
The Morgan Blog

James Altucher

"People remember the beginning, the end, and maybe one chapter in the middle in that order. Make those three points painful."

Selling Yourself Short

I never answer ads for freelance writing jobs that state that the amount of payment depends on a writer's experience. A job is either worth a certain amount of pay…

Don’t Overdo the Ellipsis

The Internet has definitely made it easier for writers. A wealth of information is at a writer's fingertips and it has provided a way to work from home for anyplace…

Don’t Bless Me

Why do people say, “God bless you” when you sneeze? Yes, I know the story … this response to sneezing dates back to the days of the plague, when sneezing…


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